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KK Art

Unique Client Services

KK Art provides a unique service that you may not be familiar with.  Filling new or renovated wall spaces can seem daunting to clients.  Interior designers need to focus on so many elements that wall art can sometimes lose its significance.  The designer might recommend an appropriate piece but the available size just won't do.  Or the cost just doesn't seem justified for a "reproduction".  KK Art meets personally with the designer or client and produces one of a kind artwork that will compliment your new interior.  All this can be accomplished in a short time frame for surprisingly reasonable cost.  

Original beats reproduction every time! 

So treat your guests, your members or yourself to some outstanding local art that really reflects who you are.

What's Hot?

Abstract Art.  It can be as harsh or as soothing as your mood.  It can be very geometric relying on various shapes and colors to set the tone.  It can be organic and random representing something to someone or nothing to anyone.  It can be interpretive of a landscape or still life.  What's important is that it is fresh and adapts to your space.  Color is crucial to making sure your piece sets the tone for your environment.

Golf Course Art.  It's been around for centuries.  And what speaks to your Country club members more than beautiful images of their favorite pastime?  Original large scale paintings of your signature hole or all the Par 3's.  Why look at pictures of other courses? No matter how famous they are.  Display original artwork highlighting your course's distinct features in various areas throughout your clubhouse.  Your members will love it!

The Artist

Kathy Speight Kraynak

Kathy is a transplanted New England artist who has been living here in southwest Florida for several years.  She loves painting in a large scale square format.  It's a modern diversion from the predictable "portrait" or "landscape" orientations.  The square shape also lends itself to stacking works in columns or spreading out in rows.  Although for the most part, one large work usually works best (3'x3', 4'x4' or custom x-large) on a wall.  She has painted several commissioned pieces for clients' private homes.  But her custom work is also well suited for public environments.  Her colorful artwork with a modern twist will add "pop" to any area.  Consider personalized  local art to enhance your space!

Please call to schedule a complimentary consultation

1 (727) 572-0200