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Kathy Speight Kraynak

Original Watercolors

Kathy Speight Kraynak

I have enjoyed drawing and painting for over 40 years. I received a BFA degree in Graphic design from Boston University. Although my formal training at B.U. did not include watercolors, it has always been my favorite medium.

As an artist and a lover of the outdoors, I tend to focus on landscapes when I paint. The two styles I like to paint in seem very incongruous - on the surface. One is very realistic and detail oriented, with an illustrative quality. The other plays with very bold, exaggerated colors providing a more representational image. The commonality is that both styles require a very dry brush technique. Not typical of most watercolor paintings which have a more fluid, transparent look.

Artists' styles are always evolving, no matter how slow that evolution may seem. The more I create, the more I learn. Equally, the more artwork I expose myself to, the more influenced and inspired I become. I love to visit art museums, galleries and even websites.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to hang my paintings at the River Arts Gallery in Jackson, NH. Warren Shomaker has generously offered this gallery space in the Jackson Historical Society to local artists. Having a permanent space to display work is a wonderful motivator.

My husband George and I enjoy traveling and many of my paintings are obviously influenced by our experiences. We currently live in Jackson, New Hampshire, a place that provides inspiration for my recent works.